Friday, June 8, 2012

Color psychology.

I'm an artist.  I love colors.  And I've recently been getting into color symbolism, color 'psychology,' etc.  I found out about this test, the Lüscher color test - I'm not sure how it works, because you have to pay to see it, but I found one based on it.  Usually not very accurate, right?  Except that I took it anyway, and... wow.

It's pretty accurate.  You can read my results here: Cactus's Mental State [Step Carefully]

Now, like it says, it's just a five-minute test.  You're by no means supposed to take this as 'OH STARS, MY ENTIRE LIFE IS EXPLAINED.'  You can't figure yourself out with any amount of color psychology.

But still - it's interesting to see how your favorite colors aren't quite as arbitrary as you may think.  

Take the quiz here: Color Quiz

[Oh.  Ignore the first and last paragraphs under Your Restrained Characteristics. *cough* Not me.]

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