Monday, June 25, 2012

The Great Bookstore Receipt Safari

I don't really travel a whole lot.  Sadly.  I want to.  And when I do travel, it's hard for me to buy mementos.  Y'know, the cheesy little snowglobes, or stuffed animals, or shot glasses, or whatever.  I just don't have space for it.

BUT.  I am an avid, manic, insane reader.  So I've decided that, for each state I visit, I'm going to collect...


Yes.  Be jealous that you didn't think of it before I did.

Anyway, so far in my life I've visited a few states outside my own, but not before I began collecting receipts.  Then I went to Virginia a while back, and that's when my search got started.

If you're an OYANer reading this, you know I went to the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop in Kansas. (If you're not an OYANer, but you are a writer, I'd suggest looking this up.  If just for the forum, to get feedback on your writing.)  Well, my state is quite a ways from Kansas, so on my roadtrip, I got to visit a few new states to collect receipts.

Thus begins my Great Bookstore Receipt Safari.

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