Friday, June 15, 2012

Look! I'm on a Team!


Any self-respecting female reader of the wonderful world of YA paranormal fantasy can tell you what Teams mean.  It means taking a stand.  It means setting an example for the young girls that follow in your wake.  It means truth, justice, and the American-

Okay, yeah, I'm laughing my head off over here.  Teams is more like where you decide which love interest is hottest and cheer him on.

I'm so glad to be a teenaged girl in this magnificent age of glorious literature.

Overload of sarcasm aside, Teaming can be fun.  (My issue is Teams becoming the main focus of a series when romance should so very not be the main focus, but that's a rant for another day.)  I Team around with some of the few YA series that I actually like.  It's fun in moderate amounts because, hey, what literary girl doesn't like arguing over which character is better?  Especially when it's between two well-crafted, interesting male chars...

(Hear me, YA authors?  I said WELL-CRAFTED.  INTERESTING.  I'll go into details some other day.)

All this to say - I found Team badges!  Most of the books I haven't read/can't make myself read, but there are a few.  Anyway, these badges are really cool.  If you like Teams.  In intelligent amounts.  Never forgetting that YA books should also have PLOT and not just insta-romance...

Yeah.  Here are my badges.

Simon is pretty much the ONLY character in that crazy series I liked.  And then I read a couple chapters into City of Fallen Angels and he was an idiot.  Couldn't keep reading them after that.

I've gotta say.  I read My Soul To Whatever The First Book's Word Is and gave up because I couldn't stand anyone.  Except Tod.  I've tried to wash the taste of the book out of my mind, but Tod was definitely good.  I like Tod.  Tod should dump them all and be awesome by himself.  Do I hear an amen?

ARIEL!  Because WHO WOULDN'T?  (Don't spoil anything for me - So Silver Bright is sitting on my To-Read stack.)  I mean... seriously.  The injured, broken, proud, kind of creepy but ever-so-polite (after Eyes Like Stars) wind spirit from The Tempest.  Nate, you never had a chance with me.

(Also learned some things about popular YA PNR that I didn't want to know.  For instance, there are FOUR love interests in House of Night?  No. thank. you.)

(And there's a Loki in the Trylle Trilogy?  It looked hideous, but I may have to look that up.  Because if there is even a hint of my dear precious Loki in anything, I will have to read it [I'll have to rant about my Unhealthy Obsession with Loki Laufeyson in the future].)

(Oh, and you ask about Hunger Games Teams?  I refuse.  The romance in HG is ridiculously played up when there are so many other things you should be focusing on.  Like, I dunno, THE INJUSTICE OF THE WHOLE KILLING THING.  However, if you have to know, the whole Gale vs. Peeta thing was never a big deal.  The real battle was between CINNA VS. FINNICK, Y'ALL.  Cinna wins by a nose.)

Thanks to I'm Loving Books for the badges - they're awesome.  Blogger wouldn't work with the cut-and-paste link, so I just used the image.  Also check out the favorite series banners - I may have another post for those...

OH.  And when I find Anime/Manga Team Banners, I will so be back.  Because those are even better than American YA.

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