Sunday, November 11, 2012

Because Mommy!Loki jokes never get old.

A bit from Chapter Four of Masque of Ice.


[Loki] leads me to Sleipnir’s side, and I think I understand what he asked – you can ride Sleipnir for a while if you want.  I whisper it under my breath, to make sure it does make sense.
“What was that?” Loki asks, lifting me up onto Sleipnir’s back.
I shake my head and hold Sleipnir’s mane in both hands.  He thuds his hooves into the carpet again – one two three.  
“We can go now,” Loki says pointedly to Hades.  “Is Daddy done fussing?”
“I don’t know,” Hades shoots back, “is Mommy done coddling the kids?”
I cannot help it – I laugh.  Loki gives me another look and raises his hands in surrender.  “No loyalty.”
“Set myself up, I know.  Move.”

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