Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A fortnight of NaNoelle.

NaNoelle.  Ah, I kill myself with my cleverness.

I'm on track.  Actually, not yet, but I will be.  By sometime tonight.  I hope.  I need to get ahead again because I'll be gone all day Saturday and will not have time at all to write.  Sigh.

Good news, though - I'm still having a blast.  There's no villain, no plot twists to worry about, no world to save.  Just a girl and her insanity and a god of mischief trying to help her.  And then the god of death just kind of dragging along and the eight-legged horse who has more sense than any of them.

And Edgar Allen Poe.  Gotta love that one.

Also, I thought it'd be a good time for an update on my Writing Team, since I have a new member...

See see see?  I have Marvel Loki!  Though he and Scar are far too friendly.  Especially when they both consider the other to be an idiot.  Oh, villains.

Anyways.  That's about it for today.  If you like anime, watch Durarara!! - it's fantastic.  Now I'm off to boost my word count and stop Chance from hogging all my Halloween candy.

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