Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Rant For An Intro

Hello there.  Cactus Maye at your service. *bow*

I figured that a boring old intro would be... well, boring.  And I don't plan on being boring.  If I am, hit me with a crowbar or a piano or something.  So, since I'll not be wanting any piano-sized bruises now, I'll start off with another sort of bang.  

My thoughts on the Hobbit trailer.

So, yes.  The Hobbit.  Hmm.  Well.  Looks like we'll being having a lot of the same of the original trilogy.  


Now, it's going to take a while to sell me on Bilbo.  He's never been on my Top Twenty Favorite LotR Characters (though that would be an interesting list).  But he's... well... a hobbit.  The hobbit, in fact.  So I doubt it'll take me long. 

The dwarves look awesome.  Gandalf - well, you just can't mess up Gandalf. (Though I'm wondering about that bit with him and Galadriel.  Looked a bit... erm... weird?  I hope they don't add romance between them.  Because Galadriel is an elf and Gandalf is not and he looks like he could pretty much be her grandfather, even if she is probably way older.  So no.  I'm praying I'm just a bit paranoid.) 

And the music.  Oh, the music.  I swear every time that theme comes on, my heart tries to stop.  Really, it feels like it.  It's beautiful, beautiful music, and I'm glad they've stuck with that theme, because LotR (even the prequel) without it's theme is not LotR.  And the dwarf song.  Shivers.  All up and down my spine.

So, in conclusion: why isn't it December 2012 now?

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