Friday, December 23, 2011

Found In Translation

P.W. Catanese is one of my favorite authors.  His Books of Umber trilogy is amazing and I recommend it to anyone with half of their brain functioning on half-capacity.

I read on his Goodreads blog that Happenstance Found (Books of Umber #1) is being translated into Spanish.  He had a bit to say on the translation business, which can be found here.  But this part I found especially fun:

Manu [the translator] wanted to let me know what he was doing with the character names – in some cases, leaving them the same as the English version, but in at least one instance, changing it to an appropriate Spanish counterpart. My hero, for example, is named Happenstance, a word meaning a “chance occurrence.” That name will change to Casualidad, which has a similar meaning. And while Hap is short for Happenstance, Cas is short for Casualidad. (I love that.) 

I'm sorry, maybe I'm a geek, but is that not AWESOME how that works out?  Happenstance, Hap - Casualidad, Cas... HA!  Brilliant.  Bloody brilliant. 

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