Thursday, December 22, 2011

Safe And Sound is kind of an ironic title...

Now, I am not a tremendous Hunger Games fan.  The books are pretty good, but not epic.  I'm probably not going to be seeing the movie in theaters because I have books to read and music to buy and tea bags to splurge on.  

That said.... oh, my stars.  That is a gorgeous song.

I'm a rather big Taylor Swift fan, anyway, and what I've heard from The Civil Wars is awesome (if you haven't heard Barton Hollow, go listen to it and feel the shivers).  But... good grief.  This is a departure from Taylor Swift's music, but her voice is still beautiful.  It's more of The Civil Wars' style, and it really shows.  I never would have thought about the two working together on a song, buuuuuut... I'm kind of hoping for a partnership album now.  

Even if the movie is a fail (and I'm of the opinion that it will be, even if I do like Josh Hutcherson or however you say his name), then I'm thinking the soundtrack will be worth something, if all the songs are this good.  Here's hoping.

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