Sunday, March 17, 2013


I think I've had several blogposts with titles similar to this.  Oh well.

Five months.  Things have happened.  Hmm.

-I went to the OYAN Winter Workshop in January.  Great way to spend the beginning of the year.  If you don't (which is unlikely since most of my followers are indeed OYANers, so hi to you guys!) then you should definitely look into OYAN.  I mean, if fiction writing is your thing.

-I'm officially accepted into the college of my choice, I have a giganto scholarship from them, and I'm in the Honors Courses.  Huzzah!

-I've read some stinking amazing books.  Check my Goodreads to look because I need to actually talk about stuff that's not going on and on and on about books.

-My Norse fascination has officially ended.  Apparently I inhaled all I wanted and I'm now moving on.  Not that I inhaled overmuch, but I prefer to be a Jack of all trades and master of none.  (Slipshod, maybe; don't judge me, I have a short attention span.)  My poor Prose Edda is still sitting over there, having been waiting to be read since Christmas.

-New obsession - to wit, Japanese culture/mythology/language/poetry - here I come!

-I like pudding.  No, seriously, I am obsessed with homemade pudding because homemade pudding is God's gift to His chosen few who make it themselves.  Pudding is included in my nightly prayers.

-There's a face on my chair.  Like a :D face, etched into the paint.  It's really cute.  It's smiling at me.

-I have a stuffed lobster named Larry.  Larry the Lobster is the official therapist in my room full of characters.  They all go to him and cry into his fuzzy fire-engine-red fuzz whenever they need a break.  Chance occasionally flirts with the lobster.  It's all good.

-DOWNTON. ABBEY.  S'all I'm gonna say.

-Except that IRON MAN 3 Y'ALL.  And we're supposed to get a Thor 2 trailer sometime in early April.  Marvel makes me all... fuzzy and warm inside.  Like I just ate a nice big bowl of pudding.  I'll probably post the trailer the day it comes out, complete with lots of caps/italics.

-AND SHERLOCK.  They're starting filming... I think this week.  Me, a stalker?  Noooooo.  I merely observe.

I think that's it.  It's a good rundown on my life since November, anyhow.  I'll try to post more often.  Lots of writing and TV and movie and otherwise related to entertainment... stuff.  Yes.  Stuff.  I like stuff.

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  1. YAY FOR COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE. *cheers and throws confetti*

    Pudding. You and my twinzie. And pudding. You two will have to eat pudding at SW.

    I need to see that face on your chaaairr. It sounds adorable.

    DOWNTOOON. <3 How far have you gotten?

    And yes this comment was rather random but I've been missing my Aster. So. <3