Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm moping.

Some days you just see the worst in yourself.

Doesn't take much for me.  I used to not notice when my brain went into witch mode.  Then... I dunno, something happened, and now it's ridiculously obvious.

Not that anybody else'd notice.  I try to keep that stuff inside my head where it can't hurt anyone but me.  Maybe it doesn't work as well as I think it does, but I do try.

If you think nasty stuff about people that's true, does it still make it... bad?


And I'm the one who gets irritated when people jump to conclusions about people they don't know.  Sigh.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Aster.

Oh well.  I should go work on Manipulation, shouldn't I?  Writing always gets it out of the system.  And, y'know, this is the second-to-last day and I haven't written anything since... well.  Mondayish, maybe.  Or Tuesdayish.  Whatever.

BUT.  I did get something else done.  I finished Sapphique.  And holy flippin' mudbugs, that was beauuuuutiful.  If you haven't read Incarceron or Sapphique, go read them.  Nao.  Seriously.  These are going on my Slyther-Loki Very Favorites Shelf Otherwise Known As Jon.  When I buy them, anyway.  I need to get around to that...

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